Offshore Reefer

Different Tests For Offshore Reefer Containers

There are numerous amounts of tests for an offshore reefer container and each one is important to make sure the integrity of the product is not compromised.

A few of the tests are found listed below :

Proof Test :
A proof test is a non-destructive tension test of the sling or components.

Prototype Testing :
This is the destructive and nondestructive testing of the materials and components presented for evaluation of the original design of a product. If a Surveyor’s witness is required, this may not be waived under any sections of the Rules, unless it is done by a recognized third party

Lifting Test :
Lifting tests are to be carried out with a lifting set placed at an angle to the vertical equal to the design angle and held for 5 minutes.
Lifting sets used for the prototype testing of the container are not to be used in service.
Lifting tests are to be carried out carefully at a gradual speed to avoid significant acceleration

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