Who We Are

At MGS Offshore people from various backgrounds, engineers, technicians, admin, accountants, and even our chief operating executive came to work with one mindset. To offer creative, reliable, and complete solutions to our clients that are looking for offshore containers with various applications. We are proud of our product that is certified to DNV 2.7-1 / 2.7-2 / 2.7-3 / EN 12079 / A60.




Our Focus

Oil and gas industry is our field and MGS Offshore has been known for our vast experience, excellent customer service and knowledge that goes beyond boundaries. Since the inception of our company, we have been committed to stand out from the crowd. We are more than a solution provider, we are more than a service provider, we are the pioneer in giving ideas that shape the oil and gas industry to the very best it can be.

Whether we’re building offshore containers, maintaining or providing mechanical analysis on your facility, our priority is to always support your vision. We’re that committed.

First Authorized Partner of Thermo King for Offshore Reefer Container

MGS Offshore & Thermo King

MGS OFFSHORE has established a closer partnership with THERMO KING, which eventually lead to tremendous improvements in our ICE STORM refrigerated containers, an innovation that provides the latest technology to our customers in the Oil & Gas industry, which covers Chemical, Catering, Drilling, and Leasing companies.

With this extraordinary collaboration, we are offering our customers the best elements of two expert brands in harmony. Through this opportunity, we developed the world’s most durable and energy-efficient integrated reefer container. It combines the refrigerated ICE STORM™ and THERMO KING™ refrigeration machine, featuring innovative technology of BEST INSULATION material MGS PU from TOP NOTCH SCIENTIST.

Advanced Proprietary Insulation For Best Energy Efficiency

Our insulation materials, developed together with top scientists contribute to better efficiency where it matter and saves costs for operators as well as contributing to reduction in environmental impact.


MGS Satellite

MGS Satellite is a potent cellular and GPS-based tracking with monitoring solution of refrigerated containers that beyond just in-transit on land, but also across the ocean. It provides traceability and guidance to your container and cargo with precise readings and information, and with that, MGS Satellite benefits users to reduce operating and maintaining costs greatly, improve their cargo’s condition as well as lessen unnecessary complexity and risks associated with violation and integrity of the refrigerated container operations.