Offshore Reefer Containers Singapore

Maintaining the freshness and quality of your shipping products

Offshore reefer containers are an integral part of the shipping industry when it comes to transporting perishable or temperature-sensitive products.

At MGS Offshore, we provide top-of-the-line refrigerated containers to offshore businesses in and around Singapore.

With data monitoring systems, automated temperature and ventilation regulation, our reefers are perfect for transporting fresh produce, medicines, meats, seafood, flowers, chemicals, and other perishables to offshore locations.

DNV 2.7-1 Certified and Immediate Stock Available for Purchase
We provide 8 ft and 10 ft Offshore Reefer Containers for your shipping requirements.


    Talk to us on how you can stop wastage and maximize efficiency with our Offshore Reefer Containers.

    We provide 8 ft & 10ft Offshore Reefer Containers for your shipping needs

    What is an offshore reefer container?

    Our containers are perfect for storing perishable goods, such as fresh produce, seafood, and meats, at optimal temperatures to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

    At MGS Offshore, we offer two DNV-certified reefer container models available for sale and rent in Singapore:

    Ice Wave (8 feet offshore reefer container)
    Ice Storm (10 feet offshore reefer container)

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    Lowers 30% Food Wastage


    Maintains Food Quality


    Efficiency In Insulation


    Supreme Fresh Air Setting


    Less Cargo Weight Loss

    Offshore Reefer Container (DNV 2.7-1 Certified) or Offshore Refrigerated Container image

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    Our refrigerated storage units use technology not found elsewhere, with a microprocessor controller that provides precise temperature control. MGS, with its innovative insulation material, has partnered with THERMO KING for advanced reefer container technology, delivering top-notch value to customers. All our containers ensure complete reliability with DNV 2.7-1, EN-12079 and ISO 10855 certifications.

    With THERMO KING, we aim to continue improving our offshore reefer containers for optimal end-to-end services.

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    MGS OFFSHORE Ltd Container Industry manufactures most of its reefer containers in China. All our freezer containers are quality assured with ISO10855.

    DNV 2.7-1

    MGS Offshore’s freezer containers, DNV 2.7-1 are certified for transporting and lifting goods to withstand lifting in rough seas and to avoid failure in bad environmental conditions. We also comply with EN 12079 certification to ensure reefer containers are in the best state.


    ICE STORM is an offshore refrigerated container developed for cargo quickly reaches optimum temperature and set point on M.G.S.S container supports Offshore heavy duty operations.



    Refrigerated container temperature setting ranging from -30c to +20c with humidity controller to meet the needs.


    ICE STORM is designed so cargo reaches optimum temperature and setting point as quickly as possible.


    Even air: better uniformity so cargo in reefer containers are at the same temperature.


    Temperature Distribution: Quicker recovery time so after the door opens and it returns back to set temperature.


    Strong wielding on M.G.S containers support Offshore heavy duty applications.


    High internal volume capacity provides maximum space for cargo 12.2cu.m.


    Hygienic, an easy-to-clean-interior made of sanitized aluminum or stainless steel material.


    Low tare weight maximizes payload lowest in Offshore Reefer market.

    MGS Offshore’s freezer containers are the best in the market. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality reefer containers to our clients and have put the following in place:


    The refrigerated container’s base frame is composed of corrugation type steel base frame and “T” section aluminum floor rail with Insulation.

    The T-bar floor is made of aluminium and designed to optimize the airflow in the container. The new generation of container side lining panels (walls) are made of polypropylene material. This material ensures maximum strength, with a reduced risk of foam delamination.

    The insulation material used in the reefer container is patented environment-friendly foam insulation, meeting tomorrow’s environmental requirements.


    Our reefer refrigeration keeps track of vital data and information of reefers to ensure actions can be taken swiftly by operators.

    • Supply air temperature
    • Return air temperature
    • Ambient temperature
    • Cargo temperature
    • Humidity level
    • Tuning operations
    • Modifying the parameters
    • Interventions
    • Breakdowns
    • Alarms


    The relative humidity level is important when it comes to controlling the quality of your products. Container cooling and humidity affects the shelf life of fruits and vegetables – and thus their condition upon arrival.

    The recommended relative humidity for most fresh fruit and vegetables is between 85% and 95%, depending on the variety. This level of humidity is generated automatically in a reefer container, where correct ventilation and packaging is applied. De-Humidification can be applied to products which are sensitive to high humidity.
    Ice Storm reefer containers can dehumidify the air in the range of 65% to 85%.

    • Too high levels of humidity may cause mould and/or fungi development.
    • Too low levels of humidity may result in dehydration/weight loss and further lead to wilt and/or shrivel.


    In collaboration with TOP NOTCH SCIENTIST, we invented our own insulation material that contributed to the improvement of insulated air freight containers with dry ice as a refrigerating source by means of model calculations and climate chamber tests.


    Our ICE STORM reefer containers extend the shelf life of your fruit and vegetables by slowing down the ripening process during transit. ICE STORM is particularly suited to avocados, bananas and asparagus (daily food) because it maintains an ideal blend of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the reefer unit.

    • Strict hygiene rules enforced on dairies, farm process plants etc.
    • Limited rules or policies directed towards maritime transport of food stuffs
    • No definition of “clean”
    • The future is different (by definition) and food safety will be an important topic in the Oil & Gas industry


    Adding to the safety of MGSOffshore Refrigerated, refrigerated containers (designed to meet the ATEX Directive) is the DNV containers. The ICE STORM containers are certified to EN12079 and DNV 2.7-1. The Offshore Refrigeration Units are mounted to these containers.

    DNV certified containers (also known as Offshore Containers) are used primarily in the oil and gas industry because of their ability to withstand the harsh environment and handling of the offshore industry. Due to the dangerous nature of the oil industry, these shipping cooling containers are subject to many more regulations and must undergo a strict certification process to ensure the safety of personnel working on the oil rigs, oil tankers, as well as the environment.

    As refrigerated offshore container manufacturers, MGS Offshore Refrigeration (ICE STORM) and DNV containers are certified to DNV 2.7-1/EN12079. This makes the Offshore Refrigerated Container the ideal solution for the global offshore oil and gas industry.

    FAQ on Offshore Refrigerated Containers Singapore

    Singapore is a major hub for the seafood industry. A significant percentage of seafood and meat products that is shipped to Oil & Gas rigs in Indian Ocean and South China Sea for offshore catering comes from Singapore. This makes offshore reefer containers an essential component for storing and transporting these products.

    Yes. All Offshore reefer containers at MGS come with DNV 2.7-1, EN-12079 and ISO 10855 certifications.

    Yes, aftersales support by THERMOKING is available globally. MGS’s aftersales unit (tkreefer) is also able to provide provides all king of troubleshooting support at any required time.

    All our items are ready and in stock in Malaysia. The time taken to reach a specific location will depend on shipping and other logistics. You may contact our team here for a detailed discussion.

    MGS can offer close aftersales support in the entire Asia Pacific region, including Singapore. If required, technicians may be sent to the location to tackle the issues. MGS can also provide spare parts as a part of after-sales service.

    The rental cost will depend on your chosen size, features, and duration of the rental. Please contact us here for a detailed discussion.

    Yes, MGS offers customizations of certain specifications to meet your requirements. Give us a call to know more.

    MGS offers DNV 2.7-1 offshore refrigerated containers in 8ft and 10ft options.